Vaji Golden Facial

    Vaji Golden Facial

    $225.00 $2,250.00
    More Information:

    The Vaji Golden Facial is a European facial for the intimate area around the pubic area and groin that includes Brazilian Waxing. It removes dead cells, cleanses pigmentation, prevents acne, and helps reduce ingrown hair.

    If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, ingrown hair, or dark spots in this area, this service is a dream come true.

    The purpose of this treatment is to cleanse the bikini area of ​​ingrown hairs and free them from spots or hyperpigmentation.

    In this service, microdermabrasion is used to release trapped hairs and blocked pores, steam is applied to the vulva with essential oils, and the necessary products are applied to improve the appearance of the skin (mask, high frequency, light therapy, among others) .

    The service is fully personalized according to each client's needs.

    The 'vagina facial' promises relaxation, purification, and increased libido.

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